Focusing on international expansion, strong regional partnerships and business segmentation, Bin Jabr has triumphantly crossed four decades of cooperation, trust and excellence which have been the very core of Bin Jabr’s Vision. We have led a historic past and we are grateful for the opportunity to work for and with the nation of the United Arab Emirates and our global partners. 

As one of the industrial pioneers in the UAE, we will strongly promote further industrial growth of the nation, and support their emergence as a global leader. We invite partners who can support us in this venture by creating new markets and fuel the economy of the region. 

Working hand in hand with the government and private sectors, we have always envisioned Bin Jabr to have a strong presence in the Middle East region. Now, we are anticipating expansion into the U.S., European and Asian markets. Our joint ventures in Jordan and Saudi Arabia in Gas and Petroleum Services and military development have laid the groundwork for our global expansion.

At Bin Jabr, we believe that a company’s excellence is not measured merely by the number of businesses it has developed. We believe, and promote, a lifetime commitment to care for the environment and society, and its preservation for future generations. The group is committed to its pledge of energy conservation, and supports the intelligent use of resources to curb the destructive environmental impact on the nation and the world. We will apply this green commitment to all our developments. 

Our management philosophy focuses unwaveringly on our end product proposition and relentlessly refines our internal processes to deliver this value to our customers. Our fundamental financial strategy is to access the future before anyone else, and implement visionary projects that stimulate the UAE economy, moving the Middle East region into the future. 

Ever Evolving Excellence is our aphorism, and we are continually seeking partners that share our vision.